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Mademoiselle mackenzie


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Stacey Nicoleau

Stacey Nicoleau is the founder and CEO of Mademoiselle Mackenzie.

Mademoiselle Mackenzie is a fresh and radiant cosmetics line, made to embrace people of all ages, personalities and styles. Mademoiselle Mackenzie exudes class and sophistication and has been carefully designed to reflect; confidence, sexiness and fearlessness. Mademoiselle Mackenzie is an inclusive brand featuring products for the bold, the conservative and even the cosmetics skeptic.

Stacey is a Haitian American from New York whose love for cosmetics became obvious at the tender age of six. Stacey completed her formal studies with a degree in French and has decided to merge her education and passion to bring you Mademoiselle Mackenzie.

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Why Mademoiselle Mackenzie?

The name “Mademoiselle Mackenzie” was carefully chosen. “Mademoiselle” represents freeness “Mademoiselle” represents rejuvenation. “Mademoiselle” represents youth regardless of age or marital status. “Mackenzie” is a name near and dear to Stacey’s heart. At fifteen, Stacey decided to name her future daughter “Mackenzie”. The spiritual meaning of “Mackenzie” is radiant one, which serves as the inspiration for Mademoiselle Mackenzie’s motto ”Dipped in Color. Twirled in Radiance.”.

Mademoiselle Mackenzie’s expansion will be as carefully crafted as its products and at its apex will service all of your skin care and cosmetics needs. Let Mademoiselle Mackenzie’s colors and textures be a part of the beauty that shines from within and radiates for the world to see.