Moisturize Your Lips

Hello Mackenzie’s Mademoiselles,

Moisturizing is the key to smooth and healthy lips. I know I already have the attention of many women but men, your lips need moisture too.  From the exposure to this year's brutal winter to the sunny but windy afternoons of this spring, your lips are under constant attack from the elements. Extremely chapped lips will lead to peeling and may potentially cause bleeding if neglected for too long.

Do yourself a favor and invest in some lip balm, chapstick and/or Vaseline.  These products don’t always have to be “medicated” to work effectively. Simply opt for a product that contains a lubricant, natural emollients and a SPF rating. A properly and consistently  applied lip moisturizer will act as a barrier of protection from the elements and result in long lasting positive effects.

Until then

Pouts Up,

Mademoiselle Mackenzie