Advantages & Tips on Lip Pencils

Shaping, Defining, Lining and Filling In Your Lips



Many of us see lip pencils and usually say one of two things; “I don’t need it.” or “I have no clue how to use it.” Well, here’s a list of a few reasons why you need a lip pencil and a few tips on how to use one.


  • Outlining with a lip pencil gives your lips the definitive shape they may need.


  • Using a lip pencil is the gateway to achieving fuller looking lips for an accentuated look.


  • A lip pencil not only heightens the intensity and wear of your lipstick but it also enhances the “wow factor” of your lips.


  • Also the lip color that you believed wouldn’t compliment your complexion can change your mind by using a lip pencil. It allows you to tweak the color and control how subtle or bright you want to wear it.


  • In addition to lining your lips, the correct pencil can also fill in your lips in substitution of using a traditional lipstick.


  • Lastly are you into an ombré lip color? Well, the lip pencil will effectively help you achieve this blended, sultry look.


You can maximize the benefits of the pencil by applying it first before your lipstick or gloss. For beginners, I highly suggest starting with a brown lip pencil. Start off by lightly tracing your lips with a thin line. It is important not to be heavy handed during this process.


Once you’ve successfully done that, you can determine whether you want a fuller line or to leave it as is. If you mess this up, don’t be afraid to start over until you’re satisfied. Apply lipstick or gloss to the center of lips and spread evenly with a lip brush for control.


Now that you’re in the “maybe I should try a lip pencil” mode, checkout our Waterproof Gel Lip Liner. We have a variety of colors, with smooth textures that glides on to get the job done!

Pouts Up Beauties!