How to Apply Lipstick PERFECTLY in 3 Simple Steps

Is your lipstick fading too fast? Do you keep getting lipstick on your teeth? Hmm… Maybe you’re not applying your lipstick properly. In 2019, we’re going to perfect well-defined bold lip looks. So let’s get into a few simple pointers to achieve sexy, bold, and defined lips that will last all day long.

First thing’s first: Prime! It is very important to exfoliate by giving your lips a layer of moisture prior to lipstick application to minimize chapping. A lip scrub, lip balm, or even a mixture of coconut oil and a little sugar are a few great lip primers that can keep your lips prepped and hydrated.

The next step is applying the Lip Liner – Choose a color that is close to or compliments the lipstick shade you’re using. Then steadily draw alongside the natural perimeter shape of your lip line. (Take your time! It’s vital to carefully apply the lip liner for the best results.)

Once the lip liner is complete, go for the lipstick (Try our new bold liquid colors). Start off in the middle, and then work your way to the outer corners. Keep the applicator nice and flat. Also, make sure that you apply an even coat throughout for a polished look.

Last step, Clean it up! Once the lipstick is fully applied, go get your foundation that best matches your facial skin tone shade. Then apply a few dabs of it around the lip and carefully go in with a detailed brush for a defined finish. Highlight your chin area and above the cupid’s bow with your favorite concealer for even more definition. And you’re done, PERFECT LIPS!

These few tips can definitely take your lip looks to the next level and instantly go from average and basic to chic and sophisticated!