Simple Steps to Apply Eye Makeup Like a Pro!


How to Apply Eye Makeup Flawlessly for Beginners!

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Applying eye make up can come across as tricky and tough. You might not know where to start or maybe you don’t know what brushes to use. You’ve watched your favorite makeup gurus on Youtube and Instagram make it look so easy a dozen times. You want to attempt to get that perfect eyeshadow, those perfect eyebrows and those pretty long eyelashes. Don’t be intimidated! It’s not as hard as you think. We’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks to make sure that your eye makeup looks like it was done professionally!

Mademoiselle Mackenzie Cosmetics is officially a multiline brand with amazing new eye makeup products!!! In order to make sure that you are ready to rock our new makeup with grace and confidence, here’s a simple step by step guide and a few hacks on how to apply eye makeup for beginners.

Step 1. Prime Your Lids using CONCEALER

how to apply eye makeup easy

Yes, you read correctly! No need to break the bank on eye makeup primers when concealers do the exact same thing! Concealer is a great alternative hack to prime your eyelids to create a tacky base to allow for an even surface for the eyeshadow. Apply the concealer of your skin tone and blend it evenly on your eyelids. One of our favorite concealers right now is Photo Focus by wet N wild (and it’s just $4!)

Step 2. Clean Up those Brows

how to get perfect eyebrows easy steps

Clean up your eyebrow by outlining the concealer directly under your brow using a round flat concealer brush. This creates a smooth looking base and also a well-defined clean eyebrow. A quick way to get those eyebrows on fleek is to simply follow the natural shape of your brow bone with your eyebrow pencil. Draw very lightly at the start of the brow and then darken the brow towards the middle and end. Create an arch and a thin tail for a more intense looking eyebrow.

Step 3. Set the eyelids in place

simple steps for eye makeup tutorial

Once the concealer is dry, take some setting powder that is slightly lighter than the concealer and carefully place it on top to set the eyelid. Setting powder is important because it allows for long lasting eye makeup that lasts all day!

Step 4. Apply the eyeshadow

how to get perfect eyeshadow

Now for the fun part: the eyeshadow! There are a gazillion ways to create eyeshadow looks but we’ve got beginner friendly methods that will get you that flawless eye makeup look you seen on your favorite Youtube makeup guru . Try a stunning eyeshadow look with our Mademoiselle Mackenzie Twirled in Radiance matte eyeshadow pallet.

A.   Take a small round fluffy brush, hold it at an upward angle and then apply your desired eyeshadow color below the brow bone. Use circular motions to place the shadow into the crease and blend out.

B.   When adding additional eyeshadow colors, be sure to pat the eyeshadow in with some heavier pressure so that the colors show up more pigmented. However, when blending out, use lighter pressure in a circular motion.

C.  For a cut crease look, apply a layer of concealer from the corner of the eye towards to middle of the eyelid. While still wet, pat down additional desired eyeshadow shades in order for the colors to stick seamlessly.

D.  Once the shadows are nice and blended out, use a small pointed brush to apply a shimmery eyeshadow color to the inner corner for a dramatic effect. You can try this shimmery look with Mademoiselle Mackenzie Liquid Crystal Adhesive.

Step 5. Apply your wings

how to get perfect wings eye makeup

An easy trick to perfect the eyeliner wing is to simply follow the shape of your eyes. Observe the shape of the bottom of your waterline and continue the line with your pencil. To draw the liner steady, tilt your head back slightly and lay your pinky finger on your cheekbone. Draw the liner past your waterline and stop where it’s right below the tail of your brow bone.

Mademoiselle Mackenzie’s waterproof gel pencil eyeliner is the perfect product to create the perfect wings that last all day long.

Step 6. Eyelashes

False eyelashes and how to do them perfectly mascara

A. Now for those perfect and long eyelashes, curl them with any eyelash curler to give them some length. Get right into the root of the eyelash for the most effective curl.

B. Next apply mascara to bring your eye makeup look to life and to also give them an everyday natural look! Check out our new creamy Mademoiselle Mackenzie Rain Coat Mascara that provides an extension of eyelashes of up to 60%! Tilt your head back slightly and apply the wand in at the root of the eyelash near the upper waterline. Brush the wand out towards the tip of your eyelashes and simultaneously twist it. Place an even coat of mascara throughout each eyelash so that they are nice and separated. The last thing you want is clumpy or messy eyelashes! Lastly, apply mascara to your bottom eyelashes and you’re good to go!

C.  For those who like a little more drama with their eye makeup look, you have one more step: falsies! False eyelashes are a great way to create a more striking look. Apply a light layer of glue on the false eyelashes and shake them lightly so that it dries clear. Using tweezers, place the false eyelashes right on top your lid at an upward angle. Make sure that you start from the very corner of your eyelid and work your way down. Carefully pinch the eyelash on your eyelash line while the glue is still tacky. Once it’s all pressed on, let it dry and then you’re all done!

There you have it! You are now ready to achieve that flawless eye look that will last all day long. Before you know it, you’ll be creating new breathtaking eye looks!